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Adventure Ways - Green Splat

Such a professional company to have an amazing experience with, with our disability group. They were organised with every activity and they made the activities accessible to all. Our group were made to feel very welcome and they conquered their fears with confidence.

Bev, YIP

Adventure ways provided an excellent service with knowledgeable and personable staff that were always willing to adapt to our group’s needs. Great range of activities, which we would definitely recommend.

Lynn, NTFC

YIP a young inclusion project for people with disabilities said that some of the young people engaged and participated in more activities in their 2-day project with us than they had done in a whole year.

YIP Project

Adventure Ways have given us the flexibility to be able to build packages of support around our most complex young people in order to develop their self-esteem, confidence and resilience. There are several children who, without the dedication and support provided by the team at Adventure Ways, would not have been able to access education or learning of any description.

The Spires Academy

He is getting on really well at his new school and has come on such a long way. He is now reading and loving it to the point he wants to read all the time. As well as still doing his dance and sports he has now started playing the drums and the trombone!! I think it is fair to say none of this would have been possible without you. He learnt so much from you and I will be forever grateful.

Adventure Ways Parent

Kurt Perryman runs and manages this provision as a non-profit-making business. His care and concern for the young people is genuine and the reason he does the job. He is willing to help, work with and support some of the most damaged young people in Northamptonshire. They are all very vulnerable and gain significant learning opportunities from attending Adventure Ways.