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Adventure Ways - Green Splat

Here at Adventure Ways we are always searching for new and exciting outdoor pursuits. Below you will find a selection of our activities available. For more information please call us on 01604 645156. Alternatively you can connect with us on Facebook @AdventureWays

Adventure Ways Archery Tag

Fancy the paintballing without the pain, our Archery Tag is challenging and works on team building skills whilst running around with a bow and arrow and the aim is to get the opposing team out.

Adventure Ways Bouldering Wall

Leave behind the ropes and harnesses as you challenge yourself to climb along the bouldering wall. Figure out the tricky holds and plan a route ahead of yourself using your balance, strength, technique and mind to avoid climbing into bouldering problems.

Adventure Ways Bushcraft

Come and experience the thrill of lighting your own fire and cooking your own meal, whilst learning how to be more sustainable with nature. From learning how to make your own Dutch arrow to identifying the best tinder for a fire, learn the art of our ancestors.

Adventure Ways Canoe

Paddle down the curving river as you learn about paddle strokes, whilst turning your canoe in the right direction. Canoes are the larger (often doubles) open boats propelled by a single bladed paddle.

Adventure Ways Team Building

Can you work as a team to build a crate tower whilst stacking them on top of each other and then balancing on top of them?

Adventure Ways Cycling

Get ready to explore on our mountain bikes as we visit one of the beautiful country parks around Northampton. There are places to stop for a drink and a rest, whilst enjoying the gorgeous scenery that surrounds you.

Adventure Ways High Ropes

Think you have the balance and coordination to walk up a log, climbing a pole and walking on a tight wire?

Adventure Ways Jacobs Ladder

Do you work well as a team? Jacobs Ladder requires excellent team work and communication skills to defeat each log as you help each other to reach the next.

Adventure Ways Kata Kanu

If you are after team building activities and would like to get to know your team more, why not spend time together in our Kata Kanu’s learning how to paddle simultaneously and communicating to avoid paddling into the bank of the river. If you’re flagging, your team can help you but will you let yourself have the break?

Adventure Ways Kayak

Ideal for those water seekers and explorers who love to learn new skills in our single seated boats using a double bladed paddle.

Adventure Ways Leap Of Faith

Climb up a long wooden pole, once you reach the top you will need to pull yourself on top of the platform and be ready to jump and leap for the bar. The wobbly pole adds to the excitement.

Adventure Ways Low Ropes

Our low ropes course is challenging and contains the risk of getting wet! You have to navigate your way across the ropes and venture over the swamp whilst trying not to fall in!

Adventure Ways Rock Climbing

If you feel up to a challenge, why not climb on 4 different sides of the wall that has its own self belaying mode Our mobile climbing wall gives us the ability to bring the adventure to you, whether it be for corporate days, team building or any other type of event.

Adventure Ways Paddle Boarding

Test your balance and confidence on the water by taking on the challenge of a paddle board. Imagine a surfboard, with no waves.

Adventure Ways Sit On Top

For a little extra spice, why not try a kayak that you literally ‘sit on top’. They are easy to get on, and easy to get out.

Adventure Ways Team Games

Ice breakers, team games and command tasks, to help your group bond, transform its confidence and effectiveness.

How good are you at solving problems? If your good, try doing this as a group.

Are you a person who feels they always solve problems? If you confuse each other you may never escape the lava river. If you’re not very good, you had better hope the group is.

Adventure Ways Traditional Archery

This dates back in Britain over 4500 years, and it is a great skill to hit a target with an arrow launched from a bow.