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Adventure Ways - Green Splat

Here at Adventure Ways we are always searching for new and exciting outdoor pursuits. Below you will find a selection of our activities available. For more information please call us on 01604 645156. Alternatively you can connect with us on Facebook @AdventureWays


This sport dates back to over 4500 years ago, come and learn how to shoot a bow and arrow. Develop your skills and challenge yourself to hit different targets. By the end of the session, you’ll feel like Robin Hood.

Archery Tag

Ever fancied paintballing but without the pain, well then, Archery Tag is for you. A monopoly of different games and challenges are available with the aim of always shooting at a target with a soft-top arrow.

Axe Throwing

Ideal for those thrill seekers who want to release their inner Viking. Challenge yourselves to throwing the axe with competitions and accuracy to get the axe to stick in the targets.

Low Ropes

Beware of the Swamp!! Test your skills as you negotiate the different areas of the low ropes. One for everyone to get involved in.

Adventure Ways Bouldering Wall

Thought to be one of the fastest growing sports, have a go and enjoy this low-level climbing style. No need for harnesses or helmets and it is perfect for confidence building and a great way to socialise.


Great fun for kids and grown ups alike, become one with nature and the wilderness as you learn how to ignite a fire, cook on an open fire and shelter building. Anyone up for some s’mores?!

Team Games

The opportunities are endless; from capture the flag to orienteering. Never a dull moment when the team games are commencing.

Adventure Ways Rock Climbing

4 different routes means 4 different challenges so come and have a go at all of them! Our portable climbing wall can be enjoyed anywhere by anyone, all you have to go is negotiate the various holds.

Adventure Ways Create Outdoor Learning

High Ropes

Adventure Ways Team Building

Could you build the tallest tower? Test yourself and your team mates whilst using logic, team work and communication to create the highest crate tower possible. Come and see if you can set the record…

Adventure Ways High Ropes

Put your resilience and nerve to the test with this high-rise challenge which will make you feel like a tightrope walker. Try out several different obstacles whilst using balance and coordination.

Adventure Ways Jacobs Ladder

The ultimate test of team work and communication! See if you can make it to the top of the ladder as each log gets further and further apart. Will you defeat it?

Adventure Ways Leap Of Faith

Do you think you have the faith to leap from the top of the pole? A test of nerve and daring; perfect to push comfort zones or for the ultimate thrill seeker.


Adventure Ways Kata Kanu

Ideal way to enjoy the river with a larger group of people; a very sturdy vessel where loads of fun can be had whilst building confidence, teamwork and social skills.

Adventure Ways Paddle Boarding

Believed to have started in Polynesia, Paddleboarding is the world’s fastest growing water sport so come and have a taste of the action. Easy to learn and enjoy; this experience can be catered to you whether you fancy a relaxing cruise or a fun filled wet and wild session. Not one to miss!

Sit On Tops

Are you new to paddling? Then sit on tops are the perfect craft, easy to get in and out of and a joy to paddle.

Adventure Ways Canoe

Enjoy the tranquillity of the River Nene as you embark on a journey in a canoe. With the opportunity of paddling solo or with a friend; learn all the appropriate strokes to manoeuvre the canoe whilst enjoying all that river life has to offer.