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There are many different packages to choose from for schools and young people!

An example itinerary:

Arrival Day
Night to yourselves

Choose your best chef who will rustle you up some breakfast
Challenge your team to complete the course that makes you stay low with the possibility of getting wet
Aim high to build the tower without playing like jenga
Build up an appetite and refuel at lunch
Gain the skills needed for surviving in the wild
Learn who has the best aim and avoid being hit with our crazier version of archery
Cook your freshly prepared dinner

Did your cook live up to high standards for breakfast?
Get your kit and head down to the river ready to challenge your team
Refuel  on great food
Choose the boat where you think you might stay dry on the river
Dry off and finish the day relaxing

Simply contact us today and we can tailor a whole host of packages for your school, youth club, or group.

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"We cater for school and youth groups, whether a day’s trip or a residential. Our activities do have a team work ethic, with also the aspect to challenge yourself."

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Adventure Ways - Green Splat